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Whenever you step into your Caldera® spa, tension is transformed into rejuvenation. Our three unique series combine comfort, design, and performance so you can choose the spa that best suits you.

Caldera Spas

What makes a Caldera spa?

Keeping you comfortable is the key to our hot tubs. A textured Foot Ridge® and deep, cradling seats allow you to stay relaxed and seated as powerful jets are used to enhance your experience. Your tension will melt away with a perfectly placed hydrotherapy massage. An enhanced comfort experience is provided by a whisper-quiet sound dampening design.

Freshwater Salt System

Water that lasts longer, feels natural and does not irritate eyes or dry the skin out.

UltraMasseuse System

Choose from six different jet sequences and three different speeds to customize your massage experience.

EcoTech Plus Cabinet

This premium cabinet features a sleek black header, wood grain accents, stainless-steel trim, and a built-in LED light bar, ensuring that it complements the aesthetics of any backyard space.


Each hot tub that we offer comes equipped with a cover that is custom made to fit the specific dimensions of your spa. The tight seal ensures maximum energy efficiency. It is made from marine-grade vinyl with child safety locks and is certified by UL in compliance with ASTM standards.

Fantasy Spas

What makes a Fantasy Spa?

Do you want something sleek and sporty or do you want something elegant? Fantasy spas are designed to fit your lifestyle, no matter what you prefer. Featuring warm water, soothing jets, underwater lighting, and even built-in waterfalls, our sport series has everything you need for a relaxing soak. Premier series features upgraded faux-wood siding,  contoured head pillows, and exterior lighting.

Energy Efficient

Lockable thermal cover and full foam insulation keep the temperature high and the electric bill low.


A reduction in weight and material costs makes owning a hot tub more affordable than ever. Rotationally molded Fantasy Spas® are made from a recyclable thermal plastic called polyethylene resin.


All Fantasy Spas are wired to connect to standard 110-volt outlets. The hot tub can be placed anywhere there is a standard outlet, so put it on the deck, on the patio... wherever works for you! Whenever the spa is filled with water, just plug it into the outlet for the heater and jets to operate.


Hot tub costs are largely determined by the construction of the spa. A rotomolded hot tub is easier and faster to produce, resulting in a more affordable hot tub. However, don't mistake a lower price tag for a lower quality. The polyethylene resin used in rotomolded hot tubs makes them extremely durable.